Project Description

Jurys Hotel Group, the owners of the exclusive Westbury Shopping Mall in Dublin, wanted to upgrade and improve the appearance of the worn marble and natural stone tiled floor, but access and time was strictly limited for clear commercial reasons.

However their experienced flooring contractor M V O’Halloran Limited was able to propose a solution using Remmers’ Quickfill System.

This is an extremely fast curing and lightfast decorative epoxy resin based system. It produces a very attractive finish which is highly resistant to pedestrian traffic marking and dirt pick up, plus it is easy to clean, even in heavily used retail areas such as the Westbury Mall.

The works were carefully scheduled and planned to commence immediately after the stores closed on Saturday evening of a Bank Holiday weekend. The existing tiles were prepared and primed using Remmers special primer for overcoating soundly bonded ceramic and stone tiles. This was followed by the Remmers three coat Quickfill system incorporating Acolan Coloured Granoflakes to a colour scheme from the Jurys team.

By electing to work over a Bank Holiday weekend, despite only being able to start the work at close of business on Saturday evening, the floors were all fully completed and cured just two days later. This enabled normal business to resume for all of the retail outlets, first thing on the Tuesday morning.

With the Remmers Quickfill system many such areas can be completely transformed with only a short interruption to business. The design and colour options are also almost unlimited due to the extensive range and potential combinations of flake sizes and colours.