Project Description

The new Translink NI Railway Engineering Depot was opened in December 2012. The state of the art facility was constructed at a cost of £28 million to maintain a Translink NI fleet of 20 class 4000 trains.

The facility includes engineering, refuelling, train washing and train stabling.

Main Problem and Requirements

The requirement was for an easily maintained but durable floor finish. Slip resistance was required to all areas with increased resistance in walkways which were also demarcated in a contrasting colour.

Remmers Epoxyflex Coating PH was used throughout the facility with slip resistance increased by the addition of Add 250, a polymer bead additive to give a slip resistant but cleanable finish. Slip resistance was further increased to walkways with the addition of Quartz 03-06.

Products and Systems Used

Epoxyflex Coating PH

Add 250 Polymer Beads

Quartz 03-06