Project Description

Remmers patented Rotec® low pressure rotary whirljet cleaning equipment has been used to
clean the historic O’Connell Street memorial stone monuments for Dublin City Council.

The famous statues have been commissioned and erected by the City Council following individual donations and public subscription during the last 150 years. They are now an important part of the City’s heritage and the street scene that is known around the world.

In the past for many authorities the cleaning of statues and monuments was not always regarded as a specialist task and this led to many being damaged, often during inappropriate but well intentioned efforts to clean and restore them. Dublin City Council made a benchmark decision
to thoroughly investigate the available means and to ensure that these and other heritage structures, could be maintained and preserved for future generations to enjoy.

They appointed Jason Ellis, Sculpture Conservator, as Project Leader with Creggstone as the Main Contractor and Professional Conservation Solutions as specialists for cleaning the stone and marble.

A full two months of the programme were allocated for extensive testing, trials and evaluation of the most appropriate cleaning equipment and materials – Jason Ellis says “Remmers Rotec® equipment was the clear winner! – even able to clean the stone and marble without harming the finely honed and polished surfaces”.

The Remmers Rotec® equipment uses Remmers ultrafine glass powders as the abrasive, operating at a pressure of only around 15-20 psi, due to its technically advanced ‘Whirljet’ ceramic nozzles. These give the system its unique control and precision for safely cleaning all types of sensitive surfaces.

Project Details

Stone Cleaning

Historic Monuments

Dublin City Council

Jason Ellis, Sculptor Conservator

Professional Conservation Solutions Ltd