Project Description

MSD Brinny is a manufacturing site for MSD Schering Plough, the 2nd largest Pharmaceutical company in the world. The site employs 500 people and is a centre of excellence for Biotechnology based pharmaceutical products.

Main Problem and Requirements

The new loading bay required the installation of an acid resistant floor covering. The surface had to withhold tanker traffic as well as being resistant to chemical spills. Remmers Crete RT was selected as a highly chemical and mechanically resistant polyurethane screed.

Due to the location of the loading bay, it was uncertain as to whether the surface of the concrete would be dry. Remmers Epoxy FAS100 was used as a special primer with an exceptional bond to damp substrates, to overcome this problem.

Products and Systems Used

Epoxy FAS 100

Crete RT

Crete WR

Crete TF