Project Description

Built in 1754 and formerly known as the Bishop’s Palace; the building was once home to Bishop Harvey, Earl of Bristol, who had it largely reconstructed to his design. In 1798 it was used as a barracks and the gardens became a parade ground to the city walls.

Main Problem and Requirements

The exterior of the building was completely refurbished and Remmers mortars were used to reconstruct the decorative elements. Large sections were rendered with a lime render which also required a breathable, durable coating system compatible with lime render. Existing areas of render were repaired with Remmers fillers and levelled with a Silicone Resin Brush on Render. A final protective and highly weather resistant coating of Silicone Paint LA coating was applied.

Products and Systems Used

Restoration Mortar

Silicone Brush on Render

Silicone Paint LA