Project Description

Drogheda DMU maintenance depot was constructed in the spring of 2000 and is a combined service inspection facility for Irish Rails 120 DMU fleet. The facility consists of maintenance lines, train lifting equipment and jacking pads as well as trainwashers.

Main Problem and Requirements

An anti-slip coating suitable for heavy duty use, exposure to oil contamination and frequent high pressure cleaning was required. Samples of Remmers systems were applied for client assessment prior to application. The surface was prepared by vacuum shot blasting the area prior to the application of Remmers Epoxy FAS100 (a moisture and oil tolerant priming system). Remmers Epoxyflex     Coating               PH, incorporating a quartz profile, was chosen as a final coating. Epoxyflex Coating PH is a fast cure, solvent free coating system with the flexibility for increased impact resistance.

Products and Systems Used

Epoxy FAS100

Quartz 03/06

Epoxyflex Coating PH