Project Description

The Georgian facade building is located on Eyre Square in Galway. The historic square dates back to 1631 and is the focal point of Galway.

Main Problem and Requirements

The exterior render was suffering with a high degree of cracking. Repairs to the render were carried out using Betofix RM, a fast cure feather edge repair mortar prior to application of the coating system.

Remmers Elastoflex system was chosen to accommodate the anticipated movement and give a high degree of finish to the exterior.

The Elastoflex system incorporates mesh reinforcement within a highly elastic coating compliant with EN1504 – surface protection coatings. The coating has good water vapour  diffusion characteristics, is highly water repellent and highly resistant to the diffusion of carbon dioxide.

Products and Systems Used

Betofix RM

Elastoflex Filler Paint

Elastoflex Facade Paint

Silicone Paint LA

PUR Indu Color D40

Rofalin Acrylic

Compact Varnish PU