A new industrial flooring system has been installed to the 2000m2 extension at C&D Foods manufacturing plant in Longford, Ireland.

Remmers Crete SL was applied in combination with Remmers PUR Color Top 2KM seal coat to provide a colour stable finish and a subsequent seal coat of Remmers PUR Aqua Top 2KM SG, with the inclusion of a polymer bead to provide an R11 level of slip resistance with a silk gloss floor finish. The system was installed by specialist flooring contractor Larsen Contracts who worked closely with the main contractor, Gem Construction to allow the installation of the floor whilst other fitting out activities were also being carried out, optimising the overall program.

This carefully designed system is ideally suited to areas subjected to medium to heavy duty use for industrial floors within food processing facilities. Remmers Crete SL is a water dispersed polyurethane resin system which is applied as a self-levelling 2-3mm thick system.  The seal coats provided colour stability, slip resistance and a silk gloss finish to the applied floor.  The installed system provides excellent durability, abrasion resistance, impact and chemical attack.

C&D Foods - Low Res - 20150122_103909